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Mamajuana is a true aphrodisiac.  Made from unique vines and roots, native to the Dominican Republic, Caribbean Island of Love

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All the herbs in Cheryl's formula for primo Mamajuana or Mabi.

8 oz packet with directions for up to 4 gallons Mama juana or 20 gallons of Mabi tea.



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The main ingredient of traditional Mabi. Wildcrafted from forest vines; extremely potent. Thick, clean bark. Special lot.

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There is a combination of herbs and "bejucos" used commonly in the Dominican Republic, called "Mama Juana". English speakers joke it should be spelled "Mama wan'na"! It is a rum extract of these herbs and there it is considered the National Drink. The main ingredient, "Bejuco de Indio" is also prepared like a juice drink and sold in soda pop bottles from ice carts on the street.*

The ingredients vary from dealer to dealer. In the Capital, most Mama Juana is made with Brazil, a red heartwood that I know well as a red dye. It has received some study as a male potency enhancer and is included in at least one Western formula. In the north of the country, where we are working, the ingredients are traditionally listed as the ones we use in our mix, but what is actually in the bottles being sold is mostly only the first ingredient "Bejuco de Indio," plus some leaves for flavour.

All the herbs we use in our formulas have been identified by a local herbalist (1), and confirmed by literature and the national botanical garden in the Capital. I have tested out each ingredient individually, using freshly wild crafted herbs just as we use in this mix. In this way I am sure of their actions and their usefulness.

Here is the list of ingredients, with findings:

Bejuco de Indio, Gouania polygama. Considered by Arvigo (2) to be "a superior remedy for male impotency." Used alone, it energizes the entire lower body. From the waist down, nerve sensation is enhanced. A large dose gives sensations of vibration in the legs. It imparts a strong "sexy" odor to sweat and body secretions, enhancing the attractive pheromones. This root is used in the soda pop version called "Mabi," a traditional drink with thousands of years of use in the Islands.

Note: Pure Bejuco de Indio is available. See pricing information below.

Bejuco de Costilla, Paullinia pinnata L. A woody vine, it is the bark of the stem that is collected. Like Bejuco de Indio it energizes the lower body; like Timacle, it contributes to greater flexibility. It also imparts a sense of heat to the body, which can be quite remarkable for some people, though barely a noticeable effect for others.

Batata de Bejuco de Chin, Smilax sp. The root is the "batata" = potato. This is sarsaparilla, well known as an endocrine enhancer and mild sexual stimulant. There are several species, all seem to be active (3). One Smilax or another is found in almost all current male enhancement combinations, and in female breast enhancement creams.

Timacle, Chiococca alba (4). An amazingly robust vine with huge gnarly roots. Its main action is on the ligaments, making them instantly more flexible. This effect lasts for several days. A mild diuretic and anesthetic. It also has a remarkable energizing effect on the mind, promoting clear thinking. Timacle is an indigenous word, originally meaning ‘brave.'

Bitter Ginger, Gengiberes Amargo(Spanish), Zinbiger zerumbet. A member of the ginger family, the root looks almost identical to regular hot and spicy ginger. It is a little more yellow in the flesh and darker in the bark. The taste has overtones of regular ginger, but is less hot and instead is strongly bitter. It is used as a heart tonic, improving circulation. It is also used to improve digestion and ward off internal parasites. It has potential as an effective arthritis remedy, reducing pain and swelling and increasing strength and range of motion. It is being investigated as a topical treatment to the scalp, to encourage stronger hair growth.

Cinnamon bark, locally grown, is added for flavour. It improves circulation and imparts a sense of warmth.

Yname, or true yam. Diascoraea, species. Dioscoraea roots are recognized worldwide as having hormone enhancing properties. We use the bark of these large roots for maximum effect. The sweet inner pulp is then cooked and eaten like potatoes, so the roots serve two functions. This is the herb which has been investigated (studies conducted in Israel) as the active ingredient in a topical cream which has been shown to increase bone mass in post menopausal women.

The knowledge of these herbs has been passed down for the thousands of years people have lived on this island. Your purchase of these products can help this remnant indigenous group buy back their land, so they can continue to live as a peaceful demonstration to the world of their mutually supportive, family based culture, that has much yet to teach us of the otherwise unknown wild medicines of their island. Read more about the project at

(1) Pérez-Brito, Nicolas, Indigenous natural healer. Natural Indigenous community of Los Cocos, Boca Nueva, north coast, Dominican Republic.
(2) Arvigo, Rosita, and Michael Balick, "Rainforest Remedies,"1993. Lotus Press, Twin Lakes, WI. Page 111: "The root is a superior remedy for male impotency".
(3) Grieve, Mrs. M., "A Modern Herbal," 1931. 1971 by Dover, NY. Vol. 1, Page 744: "All the Sarsasparillas have medicinal properties and can be used in the same way."
(4) Liogier, Dr. Alain Henri, "Diccionario Botanico de Nombres Vulgares de la Espanola," Jardin Botanico Nacional, Santo Domingo, Rep. Dominicana, Second Edition, 2000. Also Dr. Angel B. Cordero, "Plantas Medicinales Dominicanas".

Available NOW —

MAKE YOUR OWN! The raw herbs themselves are now available! Make your own "Mama juana" (in brandy or rum) or "Mabi" (as a tea).


Other products sold on this web site:

Osiris — Herbal Tincture of Mama juana

This herbal combo has several thousand years of use in the native culture. The traditional use of this tonic combination takes several forms. About half use it as tea. About a quarter of the use is as tincture made with the local rum. (This is the form when the herbs are used as an aphrodisiac: the men commonly drink several shot glasses at a time.) The third way of using these herbs is to ferment them in water with sugar or honey. This "mabi" is sold from vendors carts like soda pop.

To most closely duplicate traditional use, and to conserve the potency of these unique herbs as carefully as possible, we are making our tincture of the wildcrafted herbs in Caribbean rum.

Osiris and Isis formulas

Osiris formula — for men (Mama juana, Cheryl's recipe)
2 oz dropper bottle. The above ingredients tinctured in Caribbean rum.

Isis formula — for women
2 oz dropper bottle. Has more of the Yname dioscorea, which is a proven bone builder.

Order Osiris and Isis formulas (Strength Tonic)

Topical Cream

We are also making a topical cream using these same ingredients. Instead of being extracted in alcohol, the herbs are extracted in pure organic grown vegetable oil, mixed with enough beeswax to make a soft cream. This is especially effective when massaged into painful joints. It can be used as a face cream to rejuvenate thinning, wrinkling skin.

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Other products made from these unique herbs and sold on this Web site:

Yoga Stretch. Pure Timacle tinctured in Caribbean rum. "Loosens" ligaments allowing greater stretch. Has helped many regain the flexibility of youth. 2 oz dropper bottle $30

Flex Cream. Pure Timacle in an organic canola oil and beeswax base. Use to rejuvenate skin and joints.


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